House of Textile Processing Unit with Wide Process Capacity in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.  
Textile Process House Offers Printing, Dyeing, Processing of Textiles, Fabrics. Contact for Textile Processing in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. E-Mail for Printing and Dyeing of Cotton, Polyester, Poly-Cotton, Poly-Viscose, Glazed Cotton Fabrics.
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  Lungis Chadri all over Print


Wide range of plain white lungis for traditional and formal, colorful lungis with colors and designs to give you comfort. Lungis also called as sarongs are worn by both men and women.

We offer finely printed lungis with patterns such as stripes, lines, and floral patterns with vivid colors and varieties. Our lungis are available in different fabrics such as cotton and polyester.
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Lungis. Printed Lungis. Traditional Lungis. Colourful Lungis. Designer Lungis. Cotton Lungis.

  Chadri all over Print

A superior combination of printed designs introduces a new life into the different types of Chadari. A rich view of colors brings a dash of elegance and optimism into the prints for Chadri.

Especially for Chadri Kajal Textile is leading the way for floral prints, delicate prints, themed prints in matching or contrasting with beautiful colors which are very popularly used nowadays. While printing process, special care is also taken for different fabrics of Chadari.
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Themed Chadari Prints in Matching or Contrasting Colours. Chadri all Over Print Designs in Floral Prints. Delicate Chadri Prints. Different fabrics of Chadari. Combination of Printed Chadri Floral Designs. Chadari Printed Designs.
  Lungis Chadri all over Print
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