House of Textile Processing Unit with Wide Process Capacity in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.  
Textile Process House Offers Printing, Dyeing, Processing of Textiles, Fabrics. Contact for Textile Processing in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. E-Mail for Printing and Dyeing of Cotton, Polyester, Poly-Cotton, Poly-Viscose, Glazed Cotton Fabrics.
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Kajal Textile, a leader in Indian textile process house industries has set up state of the art infrastructure to process and manufacture international quality textile products including sarees, dress materials, suiting & shirting, scarves, bed sheets and lungis.

The company has world’s most sophisticated machines to cater the demand of fabrics for domestic as well as international customers. To build up world class infrastructure for textile / fabrics processing is not enough only, it should be maintained well also. You can say that Kajal  Process is the most maintained textile process house, which gives consistency quality products in full range of textile.

  Bleaching & Dyeing

Silicate padding with hydrolic rotation station (1 no.) Bleaching and Dyeing Machine.
Jet dyeing machine (9 no.)
Soft flow dyeing machine (2 no.)
Mercerise machine-chainless (1 no.)


Flat bed Printing Machine and Rotary Head Machine. Flat bed printing machine (14 no.)


Stenter machine 5 chamber (5 no.) Flat bed Printing Machine and Rotary Head Machine.
Shrinking range full unite (2 no.)
Decatise machine (1 no.)


JT-10 Washing Machine. JT machine (5 no.)
Auto big jiggers-800 kg. each (5 no.)
Jumbo jiggers-400 kg. each (13 no.)
Jiggers-150 kg. each (17 no.)
Continuous print soaper (1 no.)

  Other Machines

Gas singeing with desizing machine (1 no.) Gas Singeing with Desizing Machine and Pitch Machine.
Pitch machine (1 no.)
Drying range 16 cylinder (1 no.)
Drying range 12 cylinder (1 no.)
Float dryer machine 3 chamber (2 no.)
Universal loop ager 72" working width (1 no.)
Universal loop ager 50" working width (2 no.)
FELT machine (1 no.)

  Research & Development – A key of success for textile process house

Kajal Textile is a research driven company. Fabric processing technology needs lot of research to be in race with international companies in textile industries. We have fully equipped textile laboratory with all latest equipments like:
HTHP beaker dyeing machine
Roto beaker dyeing machine-FN cotton
Rubbing fastness machine
Fully automatic lab padding mangle
Lab stirrer
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